Dear Brother Curry,

Jeff and I are so thankful for your letter, encouragement, teachings, faith and prayers/dominion in our behalf. The timeliness of this letter was perfect! I thank God He used you to talk to us. Jeff and I each read your letter separately but had the same experience upon reading it… a serious encounter with the Holy Spirit that enhanced the Kingdom of Heaven in us. We were hit hard and so enormously encourage in a boost of faith and belief, and love! (I guess electronic communications work like prayer cloths!)

We took your words literally into action. My brother was getting worse and worse in health and spirit. Two days after you sent your email he called out in the most serious pain I’ve heard in him. I went to see what was going on and found him with a serious health issue causing intense pain. His soul was wracked with demonic persecution and oppression too. He was in serious trouble!

He told me he thought he was dying. I thought he was being over dramatic but then the Holy Spirit told me he was indeed dying, for real. I told him he was not ready to die and wouldn’t want to go to hell and that he better receive God.

His face was all distorted by what appeared to be morphing demons. It was strange. He was so deep in fear and torment. Of course I was praying the whole time I was talking to him and commanding the demons to leave with a mind of greater belief and authority thanks to your letter two days earlier and greater power from the Holy Spirit.

After telling him he better turn his life to God a second time, he suddenly had a burst of power and sat up on his couch and threw out his arms in an upward motion, yelling up to God in a convincing way, “I give my life to God! I have nothing left. It’s all His! He can have every bit of it! I give it to Him!” He said this twice.

I was wondering what he thought about Jesus… and said, “What about Jesus?” He said, I give my life to Jesus! Jesus is my personal Savior! He died for my sins!” He said all this will fervor and seriousness. It was real, from his heart!

I then prayed for him, commanding healing and all demons to leave and not come back! I stated John is God’s and the devil can’t touch him. After I finished I asked him how he was feeling and to his relief and gratitude, he said, “Better! Not all the way better but 80% better!” The blood curdling pain was that much reduced.

I told him he was fine and his healing complete and I would be back in a few hours to check on him. I left with a perfect certainty that he was absolutely fine and God had every aspect of him. He was safe.

Later that evening Jeff, my husband, and I went to check on him and pray again. He was a lot better and anxious for more prayer. We commanded healing and peace from all demonic interference. We shared words of counsel and love, strengthening his faith in God, telling him how to pray/command for himself and that demons had to leave and health would be restored. We’ve continued this since that day.

It was truly amazing. He was born again!!! That’s what is the most amazing to me, as his sister for all these years living with a seriously rebellious, worldly brother!!!! That is the real miracle!!!!

Since that day he looks different: his eyes are bluer, he talks (language and temperament) differently, behaves differently, sounds differently (his voice is literally changed….. probably his own and not demonic anymore.) He tells us over and over, “Something happened that day when I was on the couch. I died! I’m not the same anymore! I can’t tell you what happened, but something happened that day!” I reassured him he was born again and since then have been giving him God’s Word to strengthen him. He is so responsive!

If you knew him before you would understand my amazement and appreciation for what God has done and is doing in him! WOW!!!!! From the child of the night to child of the Day!

He now goes around casting the devil out when he feels him trying to get in, he is commanding healing to his body and praising God…. throughout the day.

So thank you brother Curry! Thank you!!! Thank you for loving God so much!!!

Jeff and I were lead to your youtube teachings some time ago and the blessings in our growth and walk in faith have been enormous! We also came to your training in January this year. We command healing everywhere we go and see amazing miracles all the time. We are so encouraged by all you do and want you to know how thankful we are to be made into better disciples and to be able to bless others to learn and do more for Father’s Kingdom!

You are free to share our testimony if you like.

Blessing to you and yours in God,
Evie and Jeff