I have some amazing news I wanted to share with you… Well, I had a couple of new believers with me who had never done the things I’ve been talking about with them (JGLM Material) and so I told them we were going to go out after dinner into the streets and minister. They were kind of nervous and scared. We went out and decided to just accept that this is what we’re suppose to be doing anyway.

We came across three very drunk people. I decided to start talking with them preaching Jesus and not long afterward I was praying for people. It was funny to watch what happened because the other two were intently looking at what I was doing to see what was going to happen. They thought it wouldn’t really work like I’ve been telling them. What happened next blew their minds away. One guy we prayed for suddenly began shaking and was instantly made sober. Another guy was instantly healed from a back injury, and another person was delivered from devils. There wasn’t even that much fanfare about any of it. I seems so normal. The person with devils was also belligerent drunk and loud, and after I prayed for her she stopped and asked for me to pray for healing because she was “sick in her head” indicating that she had mental issues. I did so and she began to get better from that moment on. Her whole demeanor changed after that.

As we were ministering on the streets, other people came and saw what was happening and a small crowd of people starting coming to get prayed for healing as well. All in all three people got born again and 5 people got instantly healed. Actually, once the ball started rolling I just rolled with it. I would just go to one person and say to them, “what’s wrong you…what do you need?” They would tell me and I would just pray and they were better. It was that simple. The two new believers were both amazed at how things happened.

It was wonderful to see it happen the way it did. Now the two people who were with me are so fired up they want to go minister in Italy and France. God Bless and Peace be with you.