Dear JGLM,

Not the biggest praise report you will ever have…but things are headed in the right

Back in the summer I had asked for a prayer cloth for myself and 2 of them came in the
envelope. I took the 2nd one to a customer’s house as her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
I hadn’t seen the mother in a long time as every time I was there she was in her bedroom asleep.

Yesterday I was at the house and here came the mom out of
the house with her nurse. I jumped out of my van and called her by name…she turned around and I went up
and gave her a big hug. She seemed to remember me and as I hugged her I just said quietly “I transmit
the Life of Jesus into you”
She seemed glad to have a hug and then went back in the house. That in itself is a change as she had been
getting very agitated and slightly violent.

So I see that as step 1 on the right path and wanted to let you know.