Praise be to our Lord Almighty.

My name is Lena. I started attending Dominion Life Church end of December 2017 along with my husband, (name protected). This past week, we attended the Divine Healing Technician Training March 29-31. Beginning of that week, I started to have pain in my right hip which has never happened before. It did not hinder me from my normal activities, though it was there. As I attended the conference there were times when the pain would bother me. I kept rebuking the pain and praying and my husband would pray over me several times but the pain never went away. No matter what, I was determined to sit through the training.

By the last day of the conference, even sitting was getting more harder and I would get up from the chair during breaks to relieve the pressure as the pain would radiate from my hip to my back. I had several people pray for me during the day at the conference and that helped me sit through the teachings. I was looking forward for the evening healing prayer time trusting that the Lord would heal me then. I went through the prayer line and several people prayed for me. By the end of it, I felt disappointed as there was no change in the pain. Finally, I just sat on the chair and cried out to the Lord. I told Him that He is the healer and I surrender it all to Him. I had actually written out a few other health issues that I noticed had silently crept up but I only asked prayer for the hip. While sitting on the chair and speaking to the Lord, I named each sickness that has been plaguing me and gave it all to the Lord. I left there that night feeling sad but knew that the Lord is in control.

That night the pain was so intense that climbing the stairs at home was extremely painful and difficult. The pain was excruciating that I could not lie down, sit, walk or even stand properly. My husband helped in all ways possible but I was miserable. I told him at one point that maybe we should go to the ER because I did not know what else could be done. But immediately after saying that, I calmed down and the Lord reminded me that if I could get the strength to pick myself up again to go to the ER, then I can very well wait till the morning, and get myself to church and be prayed for. I believed and trusted that the Lord is in control.

We managed to get some sleep and got up the next day. With the help of my husband, I got dressed and came to church. Upon entering the church, Teniel immediately saw I was not walking properly, asked me what happened, laid hands and started praying for me in the church along with others that were standing next to her while Bro. Curry was teaching. The pain remained with no immediate relief. But I believed that every prayer was counterattacking the enemy. I sat through the service. At the end of service, I went to be ministered by Bro Curry. After he prayed, I turned around and immediately felt like something was lighter on the right hip but the pain remained. We came back home and I rested that day as I could not walk or sit long for that matter. That evening I called up my cousin in Canada and had him pray for me as well. Pain still remained but I could tell that it was not as excruciating as it was the night before. My husband and I continued to pray and he continued to lay hands and pray for my hip. We went to sleep and when I woke Monday morning, I felt that the pain was there but it was a little better than the day before. I knew that Lord was doing the healing. I had an appointment with my doctor for something else that was scheduled previously so we went for that and I told him about my hip pain. He said it sounded like it was Bursitis (an inflammation in the area of the hip joint) and prescribed some medication. He was baffled that there was no injury or anything that happened to cause it. Though he prescribed the medication, I knew that I had a higher power that is working and so I did not pick up the prescription. We came home, and continued to trust in the Lord. I want to say that during this entire time, I did not take any medication for pain relief. I woke up this morning on Tuesday and I DID NOT HAVE ANY PAIN. Thank you Jesus. So, my husband and I went to … hospital and prayed for several people. We saw 4 people getting healed instantly of their pain and three of them were walking with the help of a walking stick. Our Lord is good ALWAYS. Even when we think nothing is happening, He truly is working. We just need to be patient and trust in Him. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is always with us.