We are from a ministry that believes in laying hands on the sick, but after we attended the DHT we know and believe that our lives were changed forever. We decided to go on our own and pray for people knowing that the Lord is with us, and testimonies started coming in:
1. Me and my wife went to the hospital to pray for a former colleague of mine. We found her at the ICU, she was from theatre. I asked my wife to pray for her, when she was still praying the monitors ran haywire, she straight lined. We stood on the word that says, “We shall lay our hands on the sick and they shall recover”. And she came back (the nurses were so scared and we were nearly chased out of the hospital. They were confused by what had just happened).
2. A certain lady that we had prayed for asked us to pray for her sister, who was in Limpopo province, she was sick and the doctors had given up on her. She had been released from hospital because there was nothing they could do for her. I prayed for her over the phone, it was at night. The following day she called and she was so happy, she was healed and she was praising the Lord. She also accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
3. The former colleague that we prayed for asked us to pray for her brother, who was also in hospital, he had sugar diabetes and they had amputated his right leg. His left leg was also going to be amputated the following week, it was swollen and very dark in colour. After praying for him, the swelling went down and the colour of the leg became lighter. The leg was saved.
4. I met a guy in town, who was on crutches, I prayed for him and took away his crutches, and commanded him to walk, he walked without them. His story was, He is a Gardner at a school and he fell from a tree while doing his duties, and was fired because of his injuries, he was on crutches for almost six months. Now he is healed, he no longer uses crutches and he has been reinstated at his job.
There are many more of these testimonies within a short space of time, and we always tell the people that we pray for that Jesus Christ is the healer.
John and Thembisile