We spent Christmas day with people from our local Life Team out on the streets with the many homeless people, drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, prostitutes, e2016tc. Besides healing the sick and other forms of declaring life, we regularly pass out bottled water, snacks, Bibles, personal hygiene supplies, and in cold weather, blankets, socks, gloves, hats, scarves, and other such things. On Christmas day we acquired forty pounds of roasts and several bags of potatoes from the food distribution that we serve as a prayer team the day before, and a couple from our Life Team cooked them all up. On Christmas day, we set up some tables outside and served them all a nice steak and potatoes meal.

A couple of food miracles happened. The guy cooking the roasts badly overcooked and burned three roasts, to the point that he was going to throw them out, because they were so bad, but his wife said to hold on to them. When we ran out of the good ones and pulled the bad ones out to cut them, they weren’t burned or overcooked at all, even a bit red in places, and very tender. I was the one cutting them with the serrated knife on my Leatherman tool (they forgot to bring a knife), and I kept snitching little pieces because it was so good, the best beef I have ever tasted. So, obviously, the Holy Spirit fixed the meat back up. Then, the couple had neglected to cook five potatoes, but three of the five got miraculously cooked, because they were needed near the end. We had exactly the right amount of food, and finished just before dusk.
Eastern Region 2 State Rep, Garth & Life Team