March 21, 2017

My husband and I watch Curry Blake on youtube all the time. We are learning so much from the videos you guys upload on youtube so thank you. Your teaching has been a great blessing to us.

I just wanted to share a small testimony about how my dog was healed. My dog, Bagel, a yorkshire terrier had a tumor on his back. He had it ever since we bought him when he was a puppy. We figured it was a mole or something he was born with and did not think to worry about it. A couple of months ago it started to grow and it got bigger. I was worried he had cancer. My husband said I shouldn’t worry and that Bagel would be healed. So he casted it out of Bagel and told him to be healed in the name of Jesus. He spoke to the tumor and told it to whither up and die. The same way Jesus said it to the fig tree. After that, my husband and I stopped worrying about it. We just gave it to God. Well, in about two weeks I went to pet him and I noticed it had scabbed over. The following week the scab was completely gone and no sign of it, whatsoever! It disappeared. And he had had this thing since we got him as a puppy and its completely gone! Praise God.

I just wanted to share with you guys.