First my apologies for not getting back sooner with sharing this testimonial, I’ve been sharing it with so many others and it’s changing lives and so many other miracles since this one.

Second I want to thank you again for the prayer cloths, one of them I have had with my Mother since I received it praying with it laying it on her forehead.

First everyone needs to know and understand that my Uncle is a 24-7 live-in caretaker for my Mother with full blown Alzheimer’s for “6” years now just staring ahead practically a vegetable barely acknowledging anything.

On 9-1-2016 approx noon my mother collapsed in my Uncles arms on her walk to the park. Mom was ambulance to the hospital finding out her glucose spiked to a fatal 57. The doctors had Mom on Iv’s immediately to stabilize her Glucose.
Praying with her holding her most the day I suddenly remembered Brother Curry mentioning in one of the recordings I heard about removing “ME” where a light went on in my head, thus rushing home and back to get the prayer cloth I had in my bible. Returning back to the hospital approx 10:30 pm I waited till all the nurses left at midnight. This is when I closed all the doors, removed myself from everything especially my biggest problem of what others might think if they heard or seen me praying.

My Mother sleeping, I went into convicting prayer holding her hand with one hand and my other on her forehead – out loud praising Our Lord Our father, Christ and the Holy Spirit as I’ve never done before in my entire life like I hear Brother Curry pray.
I placed my ear blue-tooth om my mothers ear while I was praying out loud listening to some recorded Prayers I have Of Brother Curry until 2:45 am when I and Curry were at our loudest at the end of his prayer we were listening to, Mother opened her eyes – looked right at me then suddenly held her head up – looked up over my shoulder staring at something, then suddenly closing her eyes falling deep asleep as she was prior.
I left home at this point calling my Uncle telling him I was leaving after praying with her.

Arriving back to the hospital the next day with my Son at 1:30 pm (taking shifts with my Uncle) I walked into the hospital room first seeing My Uncle with a huge grin on his face then looked around the corner seeing the doctor examining mom. I just lost myself in tears weeping as I am now writing this, I’m just in awe with our Lord for being so blessed when I don’t deserve it. I’m hearing my mother answering the doctors questions “whats your name?” “C…” “What is you birthday?” -J”an .. 19..”. EVERYONE is in disbelief! For I am simply humbled by the presence of Christ Jesus and the Holy spirit and cannot stop crying.

She then looked right at me and said “Well there you are!” Then looked at my son/her grandson and said “Well, look at you!” Since this day My mother has engaged in every conversation somehow, still tongue tied from not speaking for 6 years, but her mind has been release and being healed every day more and more.

Today she is feeding herself, reading, clothing herself, bathing herself, gong to the bathroom by herself, talking and engaging with others, and recognising me and others and reciprocating “I love you” amongst so many other things. Bottom line her mind was released from The devil that night and has been healing since.

The best part is all the Doctors are solid with their position that there is absolutely no connection between what happened in the hospital, their care or her collapsing to her sudden healing of Alzheimer’s. And of course the many who have witnessed this miracle.

A few weeks later My mother has been drawing on her dry erase board. AND My uncle and My mother have been baptized ::))

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul to all those at JGLM for your prayer, prayer cloth and your time to do so, and all you do. I’ve never been so humbled.

Brother Curry and JGLM is always in my prayers, Heartfully – Amen! Amen! And I thank you all!