Thank you for the wonderful and rich teaching recently received through listening to approximately 30 hours via youtube and have been so encouraged to be a doer of the Word that I have just ordered the manual and a book! Before this teaching of God’s word I was unsure of God’s will for healing today but now have no doubt that He provided healing through the atonement due to the scriptural basis of the teaching.

Just through listening to the teaching I have been healed of fear and am seeing great improvements in my own recovery from some kind of systemic autoimmune digestive condition that the doctors couldn’t name but which had me in hospital a couple of times over the last 3 months. Actually the diagnostic physician did give me a diagnosis and I thanked him for his expert opinion but said I was not able to receive it. After my last lot of blood tests he was baffled by the improvement and lack of genetic markers they expect with the diagnosis he originally gave. I told the doctor I have received prayer for healing and he said whatever has been happening to keep doing it and was very encouraging. Daily improvements, praise God!
Thank you again!