Hi Guys, I just wanted to share a few of our recent (June 2018) testimonies:

Four testimonies came in this morning from the Philippines:

A man suffering from pigsa, and tormenting leg pain for weeks was healed instantly. Another man with shoulder pain was healed instantly after ministry. A hospitalized man with a 4cm brain tumor, headache and nausea was discharged from the hospital. The tumor dissolved into liquid, and all side effects disappeared. A woman with breast infection was healed of all symptoms. Glory to Jesus!!!!!!!

We just heard as of June 22nd from our niece that a man we prayed for in the Philippines with colon cancer is now released from the hospital, going for walks, and eating soft foods. We have a redeemer, we have a healer, and his name is Jesus!!!!

More praise reports from the Philippines: deaf ears opened, stage 4 bone cancer, diabetes healed in the name of Jesus!!! His Word stands!

A young woman we prayed for from Antipolo, Philippines who had suffered from chronic acne for years, has been set free. All rashes an blemishes have disappeared with only a few little pimples left on her face. Those too will go. Glory to Jesus!!!

A 15 month old boy in Singapore who was reported on the JGLM FB Page was suffering from biliary atresia. His stomach bloated to 69 cm and testicles swollen too. A group of us prayed. As of this morning the testicles are back to normal and stomach is down to 51cm. He is healthy, has energy and is eating regular foods! Praise Jesus!

Absolutely amazing call from Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. Ministered healing to a family there whose parents are the first Christians to ever settle in the country 25 years ago. They found Curry’s teachings online and went through all the DHT videos, and have read all of the books put out by JGLM. They are wanting to invite Curry to their country, and are asking how to start a life team. They are surrounded by 90% Muslim community, are tired of Evangelical churches there, and want to start teaching the truth of the Word. Absolutely blown away. Praise the Lord!!! I’m copying this to the DHT group and my Facebook page, so excuse the redundancy.

More to come!

In Him, Jason and family