Jan 4, 2018
I am writing to brag on Jesus and Thank Curry Blake for his obedience to God. Four years ago I started a journey that has brought me into a more understanding of the fullness of God. There had been things that I had been taught and believed to be true. But brother Curry has brought light to some of these beliefs. Even as i read theses scripture they still did not click but they do now. Have I reached the fullness no but I run after God with all my heart I believe the good work God has started in me will come to completion I am thankful for the journey all the time i had thought I was O.K. with God but God is showing me I have to change and die to self. Not always a easy thing to do But Jesus will help me accomplish it. With the help of Jesus and not my own strength. Jesus is coming back after a spotless bride so I’m saying to my spirit Wake up I’ve allowed the enemy to control me not even realizing it. I’m pressing forward listening to my heavenly Father. Have I made mistakes in this yes I have but really focusing on where to change in the mistake, God is good there is No darkness in Him He loves us so much that he sent his Son to pay our price of sin and sickness so we could commune with him. As a mother i could not even imagine but I am so Thankful. Some may look at my life and think I’m missing it but all I know is JESUS IS KING! May God Bless JGLM more than they can even imagine. Thank you