Dear Rev.Curry,

Thank you so much for the way you present the word of God, I feel blessed and well guided listening to you, been following your teachings on the faith channel… and heard you speak about your daughter’s experience. I had a similar experience when I was 17 and my mum brought me back to life. I had been ill for a very long time, the doctors said I had malaria and typhoid which I was treated for but did not get better rather worse. I kept having high temperature, nose bleeding and could not stand or walk for a long time, my mum kept praying for me until one day she came in and found my eyes rolling back! All I could remember was lying on the couch and telling my aunt who came to visit bye, the next time I opened my eyes I was in the hospital. I was discharged in less than a week in fact, I discharged myself because I felt O.K., now I believe it’s because Jesus healed me when He brought me back, like your daughter I didn’t see any angel, heaven or anything, sometimes I still wonder why I didn’t see anything, and where I was, now I know, because if I did, I want want to come back, being in God’s presence worshiping is an awesome experience you just want to stay there, I wonder what really living there would be when I got home! A family friend asked me what “talita kumi ” meant and I said it’s in the Bible Jesus raised a girl saying the words and he said that was what my mum said that brought me back to life, apparently our neighbors had gathered because my aunt, brother and mum had screamed when they saw me. From the story I heard mainly from the neighbors that were there, they said, ‘so this is how this lovely girl gave up I.e died and they were crying and some just watched silently as I laid in my mum’s arm and she was crying but they said all of a sudden she started speaking in a strange language and immediately she screamed Talita Kumi! I just jacked back to life and they all screamed and one of the neighbors watching, who was a taxi driver, quickly took me into his car and they headed for the hospital where I eventually recovered (and) faster than the doctors had thought. I asked my mum what had happened and she narrated little to me, but kept the top I had on as evidence of what God Had done for me! When I was brought back, chunks of clotted blood came out of my mouth! I washed the top myself when I got home from the hospital. I kept wondering where all the blood came from, I praise God! I’m going to be 40 in June and God Has kept me, since then I’ve never been sick that I had to be rushed to the hospital to be treated, I’ve seen God’s faithfulness and I’ll keep walking with Him and tell anyone I come in contact with about His love! Really thankful for your ministry, may you continue to find grace to fulfill your mandate, stay blessed.