Thank you to Curry Blake for doing all the video’s you do, watching an enormous amount day after day listening over and over. I somehow, when rushing into help my grandson, I hit my right wrist on the corner of the wall in the hallway. I know it snapped/and broke. I nearly hit the floor in excruciating pain had it not been for the will to keep moving to get to my 2 year old grandson; He was hanging about to fall from the top of my son’s bunk beds. As soon as I helped my grandson, with my opposite arm (my right one was limp and hanging due to the snap in my wrist) – I yelled out instinctively “Oh devil no you don’t!” And instantly my wrist was healed! However this shaky feeling like I still could pass out stayed for about an hour. But my wrist was healed and I had relief instantly from that horrible pain! Praise God and thank you Curry. It was all those video teachings I watched that ingrained in me to react that way! The right way, commanding the enemy! Wow! Praise God!