I would just like to give honor to Christ and thanks to Curry Blake and JGL Ministries. Back in February I was introduced to Curry and the DHT. The first video I happened to watch was the Divine Healing Secrets recorded last September. Prior to watching that video, I had been struggling with severe stomach pain for months. Every day I would wake up and be in extreme pain and in and out of the restroom several times some days. The pain would ease up some days, but was present almost every day. The afternoon I went upstairs to watch the video on my break from work, my pain seemed intolerable. However, I was determined to learn all that I could about healing because I have the heart to do the work of Jesus Christ here on earth and I know what His word says about healing. I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t seeing some of it, until I began to study more of Curry and align it with God’s word. During the midst of the video, maybe about 15 minutes in or so, I immediately noticed the pain had stopped. Now the pain was the worst it had been in days, so it wasn’t hard to tell. I ran downstairs to tell an employee and fellow believer about the video and the pain. I was a little overwhelmed, and honestly the enemy was already at work telling me that it was all in my mind. I told my coworker, let me calm down and test this out. I finished most of the video on my break and as I continued to take notes, I realized the pain hadn’t returned. The very next morning I woke up and after standing, I burst into tears thanking and praising God. It was the first time in months (possibly three to four) that I had woke up with absolutely no pain. About two times after the pain has tried to return, but I immediately commanded it to leave, and well you know- it and it’s had no choice but to leave by the name of Jesus Christ!

Since then my assurance in God’s word, my confidence in my identity as a Son of God, and my boldness about declaring that truth over the sick has increased tremendously. Me and a few friends go out as a group praying for the sick and sharing the gospel. However, we make it a practice to make it a life habit wherever we are. We’ve seen some amazing things happen and are now planning to be more intentional about recording them through video and journal to keep track record of the manifestation of God’s word. I would LOVE to continue to study the teachings of Curry Blake and the John G. Lake Ministries as I know that they align with the word of God! The revelation is impeccable and refreshing. Hopefully visiting the church is in the near future!

Well, thank you, is all else I would like to say! Thanks so much for obeying God’s word!