Brother Curry,
I would like to share with you my testimony of how I received the gift of tongues today.

I was going to work this morning and listening to your sermon called Why Tongues?

Then I decided to stop the recording and pray that God would give me this gift if it’s his will for me.

And then I continued listening to the sermon.

On my way back home, 9 hours later, I continued listening to the sermon. And suddenly I “heard” some strange words forming in my head. The amount of the words kept growing until it reached the point when I realized that I could not hold them back anymore. I turned off the recording and a prayer in an unknown tongue gushed out of my mouth. I wanted to pray more and more. An incredible peace and joy filled my heart.

I came home trembling and shivering. I thank God for your sermon and the answer that he has given me.

Be blessed,