and hope you are blessed of the Lord. I want you to know that your programs, have been a major blessing to me, and is every day. The undisputed truth of God’s word given out as it should be! I record them and go back to them every day. I have ordered and received the Divine Healing
Technician manual and CD’s. I’m still working my way thru it, and have went out and “laid hand” on the sick many times. I have to admit that I
have seen no immediate results yet, but that is not the fault of the Word or the teaching. There is some reason on my end that needs to be “fixed”
and I’m sure HE will lead me to change what I have to. I am 70 years old, and have been saved since 1989, and now I have a fresh unction to “go and
do”, as Brother Curry says. Thank you again.