Thank you for the teaching, its simple, understandable and do-able
I want to testify to the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Yesterday I was confronted with a case where I was asked to pray for a young man who I have never met or seen by a family friend. He was involved in a car crash and his head hit the wind-screen of the vehicle and he suffered severe brain damage to such an extent that the Doctors at the hospital told the family that if the tests they had conducted were not positive they would pull the plug on the boy(death). I only heard about this matter yesterday afternoon and because I couldn’t get to the hospital where he was I decided to minister to the boy via long distance. I used the words you said when you raised your daughter from the dead . I commanded that the boy will live and not die, then I said I command the swelling of his brain to cease, and I proceeded to tell his brain to be made whole to function as normal, and to be healed. I spoke to the family friend to ask about the condition of the boy and glory to God the boy’s hands were moving, the boy is doing o.k. and that the doctors didn’t pull the plug on the boy.