Dear Brother Curry,

In January of 2017 my wife and I received some unexpected news. We were pregnant with our 4th child (child name protected). At first the idea of starting all over with a new baby was overwhelming but we soon embraced the idea given the circumstances surrounding our pregnancy.

After our third child, my wife and I decided not to have any more children and we took the necessary precautions. However, in January after she missed her cycle, we discovered that the birth control she had been taking was recalled due to some potency issues and we were not informed.

What are the odds? We got pregnant while on birth control and by the way my wife only has a single functioning ovary. Given those odds this baby was definitely God sent. We claimed our gift from God and began preparing for the baby’s arrival. We began to imagine the plans God would have for this child and cherished every moment of the pregnancy. After all, we figured this one would definitely be our last and did not want to miss anything.

During a routine office visit, the doctor discovered that our little blessing had a rare condition called Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency (PFFD). This is a condition in which part of the baby’s leg is missing. In the case of our child, his left femur was missing. To put this in perspective this condition affects 1 in 200,000 children world wide. What are the odds?

…In March of 2017 a good friend and I decided to go on a 14 day fast at which time we discovered your videos on SWAT and DHTT. After the 14 days my wife and I had another office visit to see if anything changed. I believed that the missing femur would be whole at that time. However, when we got there the femur was still missing. Disappointed and broken, I decided to dig even deeper and put all my chips on the table and trust God. We planned to keep the baby and bring God glory by manifesting his word.

Months later it was time for delivery, up to that point all the sonogram images showed no femur. Finally the delivery date. My expectation nothing short of the water to wine miracle. I was sure that God at the last minute would fix the situation. Again, more disappoints.

Now, my son is born without a femur. After immersing my self in the word of God, this is not acceptable. I have concluded that the word of God is either true or it isn’t. I cannot accept one part (salvation) and reject the rest. I’m at a crossroads where I need to decide on accepting all or reject all. If I reject all then life is not worth living anymore because life becomes meaningless and empty.

…Thank you for your continued prayers.

…Two months ago my wife and I took our son to an orthopedic surgeon to be evaluated. That was our second visit since his birth in August of 2017.

When we got there a nurse took the usual X-rays and told us to wait for the doctor. After sometime the doctor was ready to see us. He compared the X-rays from our previous visit to the X-rays they had just taken. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. The doctor showed us calcification where my son’s femur is supposed to be. Yes, the formation of a bone between his knee and his hip.

He who started a good work our my son (child name protected) will be faithful to complete it. Please continue to keep us in prayer as we continue stand on the promises of God!
(Names and location of family, protected)