I have a great update on my wife to share with you. She had the (heart cath) procedure after I had contacted you for prayer. The Doctor had pretty much prepared us that while he was doing the heart cath he would have to insert some stents to open up the blockages. When he got in there he could find no blockages where they were supposed to be, no blockages at all. No cholesterol build up anywhere, just a slight bit of calcium in one place that was not a problem. Less than a normal accumulation for someone her age! He was amazed. he said he would of expected to see much worse condition in the heart of a person with her medical conditions who did not have heart problems! He said the test must have been wrong, they are sometimes was his explanation but I know it was prayer and God! I’m sure the tests were right but then God was called on the scene and restored her heart!
Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. Please keep us in your prayers.