During this pregnancy I decided to not have ultrasounds and no doppler checkups.
When I was about 28wks they could listen to the heartbeat with a wooden pipe.
They did check my blood pressure, weight and how my belly grew.

I trusted God with this for 100%
I was at rest and peace

Weird thoughts of sickness and death came, that something might be wrong with the baby.
Every single time it was another sickness or handicap.

Usually the thoughts came at night when I went to bed or in the middle of the night.
I spoke against every thought, I spoke life and thanked God.

Sometimes I whispered.
Sometimes I reacted verbally agressive.
Sometimes I went to the toilet and spoke against it.

It lasted for months! It became a habbit.
When a thought came, I ‘killed’ it immediatly.

Thanks to the sermons of Curry and Andrew wommack, I knew I had to speak against bad thoughts! Cor 2:10 4-5

Sometimes I laughed because some thoughts were so stupid, that I actually didnt want to take the time to react to it, but I still did:

“By His stripes this baby was healed, and because baby was, baby IS!
Every single cell in babys body is working according God His design, so it is perfect.
My baby will live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord!
Thank you Lord for this baby that YOU! Have given me.”

After months it stopped and it became really quiet!

– – – – – –

My due day was sept 20st

Thursday (sept 21st) night I started losing clear red blood. And protocoll says: call the midwife immediatly.

This entire pregnancy it has been just me and God, so It will be so untill the baby is born. So I did not call anyone

I decided that I would give birth today, before the evening starts.

I began to command my body to start the proces of contractions and dialation.
After every command, I first saw myself getting a contraction, and a couple of seconds later, a contraction would come in the physical.

I did have to command every 5-10mins to get contractions, otherwise they stopped.

I got into my bible and just started reading.
Holy Spirit gave me a verse that would be a reminder for the entire day.

It was about Jesus, healing a man.
Jesus sproke what was not there, but after speaking it, the man got healed instantly

This reminded me of: calling those things that are not as though they were.

I started speaking to the baby: that baby would come today, that I would hug baby, and brestfeed baby. (Thats what I spoke to my baby for months)

I was thanking God the during the day, that he is a God good and a loving Daddy. That he wants the best for us and that we will not suffer. That Jesus provided for EVERYTHING, so I will have a delivery without complications on my or the babys side.

Later on I went to the bathroom and wiped of some blood, put the paper with it aside.
I got a thought: what do you want to do with that? Put that away!
I said, You are right, I am sorry.

I told my man to take a day off because the baby would be born today.
He said, are you sure? I said YES!
Not because I felt so, but because I decided to.
I always said that I would decide myself when I would give birth.

Everything will be according your Faith, and Faith decides your Words.

As I went back to bed again, because It was early in the morning, contractions stopped.
I told a couple of people that I would give birth today.

A friend of mine commanded angels to work and said that something would happen within 45mins. I believed and received. Exactly 45 mins later, the contractions came back, regular and more intense

We got the birthpool ready and called the midwife. I felt like I had 7cm dialation, because of the birth of my oldest.
Unfortually it was just 3cm.
I told the midwide to break my water, so it would’nt take that long.

After breaking my water, contractions and dialation speeded up rapidly.

Got into the birthpool again and didnt speak to anyone.
Got into a position, and closed my eyes almost the entire time.
“I seperated myself from the place that I was”
To me it didnt exist anymore.

During the peaking contractions I whispered: “It is well, because of you Lord”
“Trough it all, my eyes are on you, and it is well with me”.
I was thanking God for being with me and for me, that He is a good and loving father.

At one moment the intensity of a contraction overwhelmed me, and a thought came: I can’t take this anymore, its to much! In a splitsecond I was like: No,
This thought it not right! Do the opposite! Saying: God I surrender myself completely, right now!

The sharp edges were numbed after I spoke those words.

Minutes passed by, then the baby came out with just 4 gentle pushes. I gently took the baby out of the water and thanked God!

A little later I said, wow, that went fast!
The midwife said, well yea, everything is possible in obstetrics.
I whispered, yea right, everything is possible with God, ha ha!

Greetings, Suzanne