I was contacted a couple weeks ago concerning a little nine year old girl. Her aunt told me that she was in hospital with severe stomach pain. Doctors had done many tests and were baffled as they could not locate the cause of her pain.
I prayed for her and the next day, I spoke with her aunt and she told me her niece was worse.. to quote her “her throat is now very sore and doctors are more concerned than ever”. Well, that made me very mad and I told her this ” Well, that does not move me one bit. I spoke death to that sickness and disease and it had to die at the root. I released the life of God to flow through her. NOW, I am an Ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ and my Father God backs me up so ‘little girl/name protected’ has to be healed…I am not changing one bit, that devil has to take his hands off her for I have spoken. It will be this way and no other…”
About 7 hours later that evening, I get a text that ‘the little girl/name protected’ had just been by her aunts house, eating and playing.. Doctors said ” It left as quickly as it came and we are still baffled.” I love it… Jesus is awesome and amazing…