My daughter is 8 years old in Grade 2 at a Christian school. She had a friend show up at school one Monday with a cast on her arm. She told me she prayed for it but nothing seemed to really change. I encouraged her to go after it again the next day. While she was praying for it the next day another classmate came up and asked why she was doing that. She replied, “We have the authority through Jesus Christ to heal people”. Her classmate thought about this for a minute and then asked, “What if she doesn’t want you to do that?” My daughter replied, “Are you saying she doesn’t want to get healed?” My daughter likes to tell it like it is. Several days later, her friend showed up with the cast off and just a splint on. My daughter eagerly asked her friend, “What does this mean?!” Her friend told her that the doctor said her bone was healing much faster than they thought it would so they took the cast off and just put it in a splint. The cast was supposed to be on for 6 weeks but was only on for 1 week! Even before this happened if you asked her what she wanted to do when she grows up she would say she wants to travel around the world and heal people. She’s been taught that “there’s no ‘junior’ Holy Spirit” and it’s awesome to see her grab a hold of it now and realize she doesn’t have to wait until she’s older.