My daughter, 11 yrs had a very serious chest condition due to phlegm. It was like asthma. I prayed and started her on medication but she still was suffering. On the 2nd day, I sought to do everything I could to get her healed. I had Brother Curry’s New Man Acknowledgement confession on WhatsApp and that night I told her to confess it. She was too weak even to.,, read it, therefore I got her to read it after me.

She confessed with much vigor and towards the end she couldn’t even carry-on further. But she mustered effort and completed it. About an hour later she vomited phlegm.

Next morning she was completely well, no fever, no breathing difficulty and no noise in the chest
Later she told me that before she confessed the acknowledgement, she thought to herself “If I read this completely, I will be healed” . That was exactly what happened. Just as she believed!!

Praise and Glory to God
Thank you Jesus!!!