Hello to Curry Blake and Team

I (went to) DHT Training this weekend, past. Would like to thank God and brother Curry and team. God is really amazing!!!! So much happen this weekend. When I arrived at DHT (Training) on Thursday all my pastors and another lady that I invited were all there. It is all God. My pastor said the DHT (Training) changed his life.

I invited a friend of mine and her son who had a virus from December to healing service. (Me and a friend have prayed for them and they started to feel better but not 100) She say that coming from a Dutch reform church she always ask God. But listening to Brother Curry Saturday night she now understand commanding sickness to go. The blood test of her son’s blood and urine came back clear today no virus. Praise God!!

My pastor ask me to organize for Brother Curry to do the DHT Training or New Man at our church…, Our church can seat around 900 people.

Thank you