May 2014 I was in Nepal doing a Bible School and crusade. On the plane a Muslim man from Pakistan came and sat next to me and talked with me about Islam and God (we had chatted in the airport). I ended up leading him to Christ. At the Bible school, when I was teaching on healing and activating the students in healing, 2 people came up needing prayer. I called on 2 people to come pray for them. One girl was praying for a man with knee pain. She kept rubbing her face and I thought it was a nervous habit. She later testified that as she prayed for that man for knee pain, God removed a tumor from her jaw! So many people were healed. During the crusade most people were immediately healed. A woman who looked to be 8 months pregnant (though it was a tumor) came back the next day testifying how God healed her. The tumor was gone. Another person had tumors on their arm and they were healed. I gave a word of knowledge about someone deaf in their right ear. A woman in the front, her ear immediately opened up! So many glorious testimonies. Around 250 gave their life to Christ. Many who were demonized were set free too.
While shopping on the streets I received a word of knowledge about back pain in this woman. I prayed for her and she was healed. She walked away from God 2 years ago. Now she knows he still loves her. She will go back to church she said. Another woman’s knees were healed. She was so grateful she (a street vendor) sat me and my friend down and bought us a cold soda! Never happens. She’s a christian woman so we blessed her business and her family.
One Pastor I prayed for briefly emailed me yesterday with an update saying that since I’ve prayed for him he has seen miracles every day in his ministry, example: a Buddhist man was sick and near death, the doctors had given up and sent him home to die. The family was desperate and finally called this same pastor to come pray for the man. So, he and some friends went to pray. The man began demonically manifesting and they prayed setting him free. He was fully healed. The entire family gave their life to Christ. The pastor said with miracles happening every day now it is really increasing their faith to believe for more!