I ordered the SWAT and DHTT DVDs in January. What I have learned from this training is hard to even articulate. Having grown up in the church, spoken at retreats and been an elders wife…, I thought I understood the Bible and was operating as a believer. I realize that I have so much more to learn since I can safely say I have been living only one inch deep in the Kingdom. The more I study now, the more questions I have. My husband and I are praying for people every day. We are stepping out at our church to pray for people. It sounds so funny to say that I would feel weird praying and believing for healing at our church! God keeps allowing people with neck, back and shoulder pain to sit in front of me during the service. Afterwards I always pray for them, but have to push through years of tradition, religion, and complacency before I do.

Thank you for the teaching that has opened our eyes and given us a renewed hunger for the Word and a desire to go deeper in the kingdom. Thank you that my children are comfortable praying for people and that they expect complete healing every time. What a witness as I learn to operate with that level of faith.

Thank you,