Just want to let you all know that my coworker was rushed to the hospital last weekend with trouble breathing. She also went into a coma. When I received the word from a colleague, I took authority over the sickness (bronchitis turned into pneumonia) and commanded my coworker to be totally healed. The following weekend my coworker was placed in the ICU, but stabilized. Yesterday I was told she would be released to go home today! I’m super excited about this because she was totally healed at the moment I prayed. I had the urge to “do something more” like text her or drive 1 1/2 hrs. to the hospital she was transported to, but I didn’t. For me my faith grew because I didn’t go into my usual “overachiever, gota get it done” mode (this is my normal personality), but literally rested in the fact that at the name of Jesus things have to obey even if I am not able to have physical contact with the person. I thank you guys for the sound doctrine and appreciate your willingness to be faithful to JGLM. I look forward to finally joining you at this year’s annual conference.