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What is the JGLM Partner Program?

T he Body of Christ is sick in its understanding because of the spiritual junk food, and many times the outright poison, it has been fed. This has rendered the Body of Christ largely ineffective in many parts of the world, including America. We are steadily reversing the spiritual damage done to the Lord’s Body and already thousands will never be the same. Join with us to help us continue to reach out and re-train the Body to glorify Jesus by doing the works He expects them to do… and thereby bringing lasting change to the world from the heart-level and outward. If you’ve been blessed by this ministry and have experienced the fruit we produce in peoples’ lives then please help us to continue reaching and training the Lord’s people. Frankly speaking… your partnership with this ministry is one of, (if not the most), fruitful decisions you’ll ever make. Our partners enable us to take the gospel to the world, and with your help we can freely give materials as well as other items needed to those who cannot afford it. Most importantly we depend on our partners as our main line of prayer support.
Please Note: There is no set amount required to become a JGLM Partner. 

How do I sign up as a Partner?

Fill out our JGLM Partner Form by clicking the button below to get started! You can also fill out the JGLM Partner Form in the back of your DHT Manual and send it into JGLM Headquarters: PO Box 742947, Dallas, Texas 75374. If you're more comfortable calling in to sign up, give us a call at: 1-888-293-6591 or email us at:

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Partner Benefits Include…

  • Our monthly “Laboring Together” E-newsletter with a ministry update directly from Brother Curry that includes detailed information about our upcoming events and activities.  We compile testimonies from all over the world to encourage and strengthen your faith. 
  • An exclusive MP3 teaching every month by Brother Curry.
  • 30% Discount on all products during the holiday season…
  • Our Promise to Protect Your Kingdom Investment.

Your faithful support allows us to help give our materials away freely to those who cannot give, such as our JGLM prison ministries, disaster relief funds and foreign missionaries. Most importantly we depend on our faithful partners as our main line of prayer support.

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In which ways can I donate monthly?

3 Ways to Give

  • Online Donor Portal – Give online at your convenience with our donor portal. 
  • Auto Draft Donation – Reoccurring monthly draft from your debit or credit card on any specified day of the month.
  • Mail-in Check/Money Order – Mail in your check or money order to JGLM Headquarters at: JGLM PO Box 742947 Dallas, TX 75374

(Receipts are mailed out annually upon request)

How can I edit my partnership?

You can edit your partnership at anytime by phone/email/mail to us at:1-888-293-6591 – – PO Box 742947 Dallas, TX 75374

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