Healing Praise Reports!

Praise Reports :

1. Had someone call me in the morning…. some pain. Was on duty. Didn’t remember.  Sorry!. But instantly made WHOLE.(Over phone)

2. A 14 yr. Old boy who had pain, weakness, can’t walk since he was 4 …

Betty TerryHealing Praise Reports!

Healing Testimonies


Praise report:

1. Prayed over a back and instantly got healed (Over phone)
2. Spent around 40 min with a stranger …. sharing “love in peace” ..he was @ 60yrs old. … while leaving he said he has found …

Betty TerryHealing Testimonies

Prayer of Healing over the phone


Healing Testimony ( all over phone ) :

1. Sister with endometrial cyst with constant pain instantly HEALED!
2. Sister with back pain with constant pain instantly HEALED!
3. Sister with breathing difficulty instantly HEALED!…

Betty TerryPrayer of Healing over the phone

Healing Testimonies


I want to share testimonials on HEALING. ..
1. A brother who had constant pain for more than a month on his legs….the doctors didn’t give much of a hope.
He couldn’t come out of his room because of …

Betty TerryHealing Testimonies

Sarah Lives! We believe the report of the Lord!


Sarah (not expected to live) is now 2 months old, Praise Jesus!! Standing on The Lord’s Promise, Sarah will live and not die and will proclaim what GOD has done. The Faith of Sarah’s Mother …

Betty TerrySarah Lives! We believe the report of the Lord!

Saw Many healed!


I Was in a hospital today…. saw many HEALED… was a great day PRAISE GOD!
1. Fractured neck instantly HEALED!
2. Two of Fractured leg instantly HEALED!  (A man and a lady)…
3. Years of stomach pain instantly HEALED! …

Betty TerrySaw Many healed!

Testimonies of Healing!


I had a sister who had a stomach pain and discomfort for 3 years healed today!!!
Prayed over phone and got people healed instantly !!!!!
1. A sister with Head ache for years.
2. Another recieved Eye sight and …

Betty TerryTestimonies of Healing!

Diabetes & Thyroid Issues, now healed!


The following is a forward from Sis. Grace who was healed of D.M and Thyroid issues:

My blood test report of sugar and thyroid is normal. Blood sugar (F) is 118 and (PP) is 144. Thyroid (T3) is 99.52ng/DL …

Betty TerryDiabetes & Thyroid Issues, now healed!

God Heals many at a railway Hospital


I Prayed for a baby yesterday: high grade fever, cold, cough, …. today I see her playing, all well ……PRAISE GOD!

I Went to the railway hospital today…. got many HEALED! !!!
Sorry… the list is big… so am …

Betty TerryGod Heals many at a railway Hospital

Free From Cancer!


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

Last year I asked you to pray for several people, and I am happy to tell you that two of them are free from cancer!

Praise the Lord!

Thank you very much for …

Betty TerryFree From Cancer!